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On quality...and what we mean by Digital Production System

A to-the-point summary of the current state of quality. "Mary Litteral, an auto-industry veteran and consultant who trains companies in zero-defect principles, said the cost of poor quality can equate to at least 10% of sales once all factors, including the time spent dealing with problems, are taken into account"

What the article didn't mention was the power of implementing all of those digital tools (most of which exist in MBrain, or can be be integrated with it) in the context of the production system (not the digital one, the one they discuss towards the end of the article). This is exactly what we mean by "Method-Centric Digitization", and the reason why we call MBrain a "Digital Production System". You don't have to choose between the tech and simply doing things the right way. In MBrain, they mesh beautifully.


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