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On MES...what it is and what it ought to be

This article sums up a lot of what we encounter on a day-to-day basis in the market. For Clients who recognise these fears, arguments and concerns: There's a brave new world out there! Having said that; We agree, MES has a bad rep. And often for good reasons (which are summarised in the article). Where we think that MBrain has something to radically new offer to the market that previously has not existed is in providing that simplicity, flexibility and cost advantage (up-front, for sure, but more importantly over time, as is referenced in this article). In fact, for every concern and objection raised in this piece, MBrain has an answer. And a solution.

In short, MBrain is the MES/MOM you always wanted. A solution that can bring significant value, in a short period of time at a budget you can afford and with an effort that you can expense - while getting many multiples back in value. Have a read, we would love to hear your thoughts and discuss in detail how MBrain can solve for every challenge that the author outlines. Not just for the smaller manufacturers, but also for the big ones, with really complex products, processes and production flows.

Like one of our clients ones said after a first demo: "You make MES exciting, and that's no small feat!".

(no paywall for the first four articles!)



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