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Creating a Single Source of Truth for Manufacturing Teams

Are the production teams working against each other? Unfortunately, the answer is likely yes. If your goal as a manufacturer is to maximize production output and minimize waste in the process, this should concern you.


Your teams are working against each other because they’re not able to operate on the same page. They have their own independent goals, objectives, and metrics to live by. Without a North Star to navigate by, the wins from one team could come at the cost of another team. The root cause of problems being shifted from team to team without improving the overall business. 

Many metrics can be chosen to get an idea of the overall performance for a factory. One of the biggest investments in production is in equipment or CAPEX. Many companies use the percentage of time that this equipment gets used or overall equipment efficiency (OEE). The most powerful way to improve OEE and your production performance in general is by building a single source of truth for your manufacturing team, getting everyone moving in the same direction to the same beat, and addressing instead of moving problems.

MBrain provides a roadmap for creating an effective single source of truth for your production teams. With MBrain you can connect and monitor the performance in real-time of all the devices on your shop floor, and all the human steps done to produce your products, creating a holistic picture of your manufacturing performance. Data collection, aggregation, and analysis are streamlined – saving your production teams valuable time that can be spent actively improving production. 

Having this single source of truth creates a framework for problem solving and future growth. Your teams can start effortlessly integrating data into their continuous improvement conversations and problem solving. At the same time this provides a tie in to start layering the adoption of more advanced AI/ML technologies to analyze and optimize your performance, without requiring any major changes to your production or alienating your production teams.

Create a single source of truth for your production teams with MBrain and start optimizing your production today! Sign up for a demo below.


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