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Fast Company awards MBrain, DIGITAL Production System, as The Next Big Thing In Tech 2021

Fast Company announces MTEKs intelligent software MBrain as one of the winners of Next Big Things In Tech 2021 within the category Smart Machines. With MBrain, MTEK is revolutionizing the future of the manufacturing industry.

The Next Generation MES

In the small town of Alfta, deep in the forests of northern Sweden, MTEK has in a short time built an international company that makes manufacturers and factories across the globe more efficient, with digital building blocks that support both people and processes. The idea for the software platform called MBrain, was born when the founder of MTEK, Mattias Andersson, started the company. For a business in, for example, Sweden to be able to handle and administer productions on the other side of the world requires constant traveling back and forth, and is not sustainable from an environmental aspect.

– We wanted to help businesses to enhance their production processes and have a more detailed, comprehensive view of their factory’s efficiency, without necessarily needing to fly thousands of miles back and forth, says Mattias Andersson, founder of MTEK.

MBrain does not only give a detailed overview of production in the factory but is also easy to use. Most software intelligence for the manufacturing industry often requires long, complicated processes to be able to adapt the software to the business in question. MBrain is a ‘No-Code’ platform and was designed to be used and configured by the user, without special adaptations and coding from external consultants, to be able to use the software.

– It’s a great honor to be the winner of Fast Company's Next Big Things In Tech 2021. Our clients are experts at what they do and people are always the main focus for us. MBrain might be an intelligent software but it's built from a human-centric perspective. MBrain’s no-code structure makes it easy to deploy in factories nearly instantly, without needing to shut down production or buy specialized hardware. This is unique and the reason why MBrain truly is the next big thing, says Mattias Andersson.

About Fast Company

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