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MTEK: Transforming Industries

MTEK's Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, Oscar Wallner, recently spoke with Tim Löbig from Löbig Advisors on the Transforming Industries podcast. For anyone who is interested in understanding what MTEK and MBrain is, this is a great primer for company, product, market, strategy, positioning and the longer term perspective.

The episode is available on the following platforms:


About Löbig Advisors

LOEBIG-ADVISORS is a specialized industrial tech boutique that provides strategy and M&A advisory services to business owners, shareholders, and management teams.

Their deep vertical expertise in software, tech-enabled services and manufacturing technologies puts clients at the forefront of the industrial sector’s digital transformation.

LOEBIG-ADVISORS supports innovative technology companies looking to sell their business or equity stakes of their business. They also advise corporates and mid-size companies in the development and expansion of their digital business portfolio through targeted and transformative acquisitions.


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