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"MTEK is Revolutionizing Manufacturing with No-Code MES and AI Innovations" - with Mattias Andersson

MTEK's CEO and Founder, Mattias Andersson, joined Phil Stoten from SCOOP for a discussion on what MBrain is and why it has been named a leading MES system globally just a couple of years after launch.


About Phil Stoten:

Philip Spagnoli Stoten has spent his career in manufacturing, starting as a PCB designer and working in various roles including Production Director of a UK plc, before switching to marketing, journalism and thought leadership content creation.

Philip founded several publications and created unique events is the sector. He has interviewed close to one thousand people both on and off camera and moderated numerous debates and roundtables. Philip writes and works predominantly in areas related to manufacturing, supply chain, digital transformation, industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI and associated topics. He has been published in numerous publications.


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