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KATEK selects MBrain for a competitive edge

MTEK Industry AB proudly announces that KATEK, one of the leading electronics companies in Europe, has selected MBrain, a powerful no-code Modular MES-MOM platform from MTEK, to accelerate customer value creation and digital transformation.


KATEK conducted a search and selection process for a cloud-based manufacturing system (MES/MOM) and has now selected MTEK MBrain®. KATEK starts the roll-out of MBrain at their main manufacturing sites in Memmingen, Germany, and Saedininie, Bulgaria, including MBrain’s Multi-Site functionality.

The system will support high-flexibility manufacturing as well as rigorous variant and quality control, traceability, front-line worker support, connectivity of industrial tools and machinery and much more.

“KATEK is on a mission to help our customers to stay competitive by offering superior services through the entire product lifecycle, in everything from prototyping to scale manufacturing and assembly as well as after-sales. MBrain is a forward looking system that allows us as leading electronics service provider to gain a competitive edge in manufacturing”, says Marc Achhammer, COO of KATEK Group.

The combination of the no-code interface, the cloud-based delivery and the enterprise grade, multi-site, capabilities make MBrain unique in the marketplace. Furthermore, the MTEK team brings valuable manufacturing expertise, speed of execution and an eagerness to win, which is also reflected in the system capabilities and was one of the main reasons KATEK opted for MTEK.

“Coming from decades of experience in manufacturing, we are delighted to work with a company with industry leading ambitions, such as KATEK. MTEK went into business to provide its customers with a means to achieve, and maintain, a competitive edge in manufacturing. This is exactly what KATEK stands for, and we are delighted and honored to partner with them”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO and founder of MTEK.


KATEK Group, headquartered in Munich, is one of the fastest growing electronics companies in Europe and aims to make a decisive contribution to the "electronification of the world". KATEK is an end-to-end service provider for high-value electronics. The range of services covers the entire product life cycle. From the development of software and hardware, through rapid prototyping of electronic assemblies and production, to subsequent support of the process at the customer's premises, including logistics, after-sales and service activities.

3,100 employees at locations in Germany, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia produce the megatrends of the future. With its local-to-local approach, KATEK ensures proximity to the customer and at the same time paves the way to the global market. Market leaders from the fastest-growing industries - from electromobility to renewable energies to medical technology - rely on this strategy.

CEO & Co-Founder is Rainer Koppitz and CFO is Dr. Johannes Fues. For more information about KATEK, please visit

About MTEK

MTEK is a leading industrial software vendor based in Alfta, in the heart of Hälsingland in Sweden. It launched its software platform MBrain in 2020. MTEK has since established a global presence with its market-leading software platform. The company is founded on decades of manufacturing expertise and sets out to transform the manufacturing industry and re-define software defined value creation.

Its product, MBrain, is likely the only no-code, enterprise grade, modular MES/MOM platform on the planet. It is primarily focused on discrete manufacturing and within that handles all types of assembly logic as well as material replenishment logic – out of the box.

MBrain is ‘method-centric’, which means it captures and contextualizes data from the entire manufacturing process and creates a digital thread by default. This approach means that shop-floor users will be instantly familiar with the logic and will have the power of instant value creation at their fingertips.



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