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Traditional MES – A Dying Breed

If you’re a leading manufacturer, then you’ve built every process in your business to support your production. Does your IT landscape do the same?


Traditional versus Next Generation

IT landscapes are traditionally created by individual departments – manufacturing, procurement, materials management, HR, finance, etc. – defining requirements and IT leaders adopting compatible software solutions. 

You end up with a patchwork of interconnected monolithic systems. ERP, PLM, SFC, QM and MES solutions that create information siloes, limiting your ability to see the overall picture of your business. This is especially problematic for manufacturing companies when you want to improve on lead times, delivery precision and inventories.

This was the state of the art, until today.

With MBrain we have created a manufacturing intelligence platform that integrates data from various legacy systems and can connect to any kind of machines, workplaces, sensors, automation installations, etc. 

We help you unify the standalone systems in your business, creating powerful new insights to help optimize your production.

These benefits can be gained without a big Software implementation project (that only makes the IT consultant happy). MBrain provides the possibility to start small - in any area that concerns you most – with modular, method-centric No-Code that help you adopt them at your pace, creating a custom software solution without an army of consultants.

We follow a holistic approach, supporting your products across the entire product life cycle. This traceability allows you to measure the environmental footprint of your product from cradle to grave.

MBrain is a pioneer in Manufacturing Execution Platforms and the only Manufacturing IT solution worldwide that can be implemented into any existing manufacturing environment without many disruptions and in a no-code approach.


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