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MTEK Industry and Aira Join Forces to Revolutionise Clean Energy-Tech

Updated: Mar 18

MTEK Industry AB partners with Aira to accelerate residential heating electrification. The alliance extends MTEK's collaboration with Vargas, leveraging MTEK's digital system to power sustainable innovation through efficient manufacturing.


MTEK Industry AB, a global leader in digital manufacturing solutions, is excited to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Aira, a new clean energy-tech venture backed by Vargas Holding to accelerate the electrification of residential heating. Aira has selected MTEK's digital production system (MES/MOM) to power its Smart Factory operations. This collaboration marks MTEK’s second collaboration with the industrial manufacturing ventures from Vargas Holding, solidifying the commitment to driving positive change in the residential heating sector through efficient manufacturing.

Aira is poised to accelerate decarbonisation by reducing CO2 emissions from residential heating and minimising dependence on foreign gas. The new venture is set to become Europe's number one direct-to-consumer brand within clean energy-tech, providing innovative and affordable solutions with intelligent heat pumps at the heart.

By integrating MTEK's digital production system, the partnership aims to enhance production capacity for environmentally friendly solutions and pave the way for future advancements in sustainable manufacturing.

Peter Prem, Chief Product Supply Officer at Aira, explains, "We selected MTEK as our go-to partner for flexible and efficient manufacturing to deliver on our ambition to drive a clean energy revolution across Europe. This partnership will enable us to develop our smart and connected Heat-Pump manufacturing platform both in the short term and in the long run."
Mattias Andersson, CEO of MTEK Industry AB, expresses his enthusiasm for the extended collaboration with Vargas Holding and Aira. "We are thrilled to work alongside Aira and leverage their operational plans to deliver a complete and intelligent clean energy-tech ecosystem through our no-code manufacturing solution," says Mattias. "Together, we will accelerate innovation, introduce groundbreaking solutions, and make significant contributions to decarbonisation."

With its vertically integrated manufacturing, business, and go-to-market model, Aira requires a system capable of collecting, contextualizing, and leveraging data at the right time and place. MBrain's open, flexible architecture and data model perfectly suit Aira's fast-paced, iterative approach, facilitating rapid hardware commissioning, operator onboarding, and overall time-to-market efficiency.

Erik Seuranen, Director of Process Performance at Aira, states, "We are on a mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of residential heating - and our partnership with MTEK is an important part of how we are driving this forward. Their solution enables us to connect our assets on the shop floor, ensure operator support, maintain traceability, and drive continuous improvement."
Oscar Wallner, Chief Commercial Officer at MTEK, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Aira. Their unmatched expertise and reputation in the European manufacturing landscape make them the ideal collaborator for our vision of transforming the manufacturing industry, particularly in the clean energy-tech sector. Aira Home's ambitious goal to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by addressing a major source of emissions with a superior manufacturing system perfectly aligns with our platform's true mission, to 'Make Things Better'."

About Aira

Aira provides clean energy-tech solutions to consumers and is set to become Europe’s number one direct-to-consumer brand within the industry. The company was founded by Vargas in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2022, with a mission to empower people to join the clean energy revolution, one home at a time. Aira accelerates electrification of residential heating with intelligent clean energy-tech to enable the net zero future we all need. With Aira, consumers across Europe have a go-to-provider for complete home energy saving solutions, with intelligent heat pumps at the heart. Our consumer-centric subscription model and vertical integration enables best-in-class consumer economics and cost leadership.

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About MTEK

MTEK Industry AB is a global solution leader in digital manufacturing solutions, offering the no-code digital production system (MES/MOM). With decades of manufacturing experience, MTEK is dedicated to providing the highest customer value and the most efficient product on the global market. Headquartered in Alfta, Sweden, with offices in Sweden and the United States, MTEK operates globally through deployment and go-to-market partners.



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