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Great Place to Work® names MTEK one of Sweden's Best Workplaces™ 2024

MTEK secures a spot on the list of Sweden's Best Workplaces™ for the first time. Ranked as number 14 among medium organizations with 50-249 employees, MTEK demonstrates a strong dedication to creating a positive workplace culture.

The accolade is bestowed by Great Place to Work®, which compiles the ranking based on the results of the world's largest employee survey.

"I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of a team that always try to excel, the culture that we have built together is a testament to the fact that all we do is all about the people, both internally as well as for our clients. In our strive to become the best workplace in Sweden, where people can be themselves and develop towards a common goal, I award this recognition to all my coworkers, after all, we would be nothing without our great champions", says Mattias Andersson, Founder and CEO at MTEK.

Great Place to Work®, the global expert in workplace culture, conducts the world's largest employee survey each year, where millions of employees assess their employers based on the same statements. Each year, organizations that perform best in each country are ranked based on the survey results. After a thorough analysis of MTEK's results, where an overwhelming majority of employees rate them highly in all areas, it is clear that they are named one of Sweden's Best Workplaces™ 2024.

Jeanette Bergvall, CEO of Great Place to Work®, comments on the award: "MTEK is a role model when it comes to working with trust, pride, and community. We are convinced that their successful work sets a positive standard for the industry, which more will want to follow. We are impressed by their results and look forward to following their continued journey of success driven by engaged employees."

MTEK's Per Westerfur was also one of handful finalists in Great Place to Work®'s Trust Stars, that appoint the Culture Bearer of the Year. What a great achievement!

Sara Rylander, COO at MTEK is grateful and happy about the award: "Nothing comes for free… Still...  I am amazingly proud and humbled to announce that MTEK Industry AB is awarded as top 14th employer in Sweden!  For any company, this is an accomplishment. For a startup it is a pinch-my-arm moment. The team at MTEK has managed to develop and nurture by a culture of camaraderie, loyalty and true commitment (and commitment over time = grit).  The one thing I’m most proud of is our team. Especially proud of being a part of a am absolute awesome team of women in manufacturing.  It’s hard. It takes a lot of energy, sweat and tears. But we are here, here to change, here to stay. Together we will help #makethingsbetter To be a woman with “the wrong background” (non-STEM...and, a woman)… is one of the true superpowers that makes us what we are; A hardcore team with both women and men supporting each other to make a difference. All delivered from the deep forests of Hälsingland... also, btw, the "wrong background"  For final words. A big thanks and kudos to all of the MTEK team, YOU made this happen! I am grateful to be part of our journey to change the world of manufacturing. This year we were the 14th best. Next year, let's #makethingsbetter and reach #1! Love to all of you. #makethingsbetter #followyourdreams … we need to continue to praise differences… With passion for continuous improvement… Perfection is a moving target. Word of advice. Don’t stop moving 😉 never give up. It’s the journey…"

About Sweden's Best Workplaces™ 2024

Great Place to Work® has examined the workplace culture for 100 million employees in over 150 countries, including Sweden. Sweden's Best Workplaces is based on the results of thousands of employee surveys in the country, where employees have evaluated their employers in terms of leadership, fairness, equality, trust, respect, and community. These are factors that Great Place To Work's thirty years of research shows are crucial for building truly great workplaces that are profitable and beneficial for people and societies.

Respondents have evaluated 61 statements that together measure how well organizations perform in these crucial areas.

The 65 organizations in Sweden that received the highest ratings are ranked as Sweden's Best Workplaces™ and are allowed to use the designation for 12 months.

About Great Place To Work®

With the support of 30 years of data, Great Place To Work® is the world leader in workplace culture. Through its employee survey, organizations are given recognition, analysis, and tools to create a consistently positive employee experience. Great Place To Work's mission is to help every place become a great workplace for all employees, with the aim of building cultures that drive business and improve lives and society. Through their globally recognized and sought-after Great Place To Work certification and the competitive lists of the world's best workplaces, Great Place To Work-certified employers can attract and retain talent, compare their corporate culture, and increase their revenues. Great Place To Work's platform enables leaders to capture, analyze, and understand each employee's experience and compare the results with data collected from over 100 million employees in 150 countries.

About MTEK

MTEK Industry AB is a global solution leader in digital manufacturing solutions, offering the no-code Digital Production System (MES/MOM+). With decades of manufacturing experience, MTEK is dedicated to providing the highest customer value and the most efficient product on the global market. Headquartered in Alfta, Sweden, MTEK operates globally through deployment and go-to-market partners.



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