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What’s the CO2 footprint of your manufacturing?

Updated: Mar 13

If you can’t answer this easily, you’re not going to have a smooth transition to green manufacturing.


Without understanding your total carbon footprint and what steps of your value chain are contributing the most, your business is vulnerable to surprise financial burdens from environmental regulations and reducing your carbon impact is incredibly challenging.  

By tracking your products through their entire lifecycle and providing solutions manage all your production data in one place, MBrain makes understanding your carbon footprint through the entire value chain simple.   

Improving the traceability of your products helps you see which stages of the production process are consuming what resources. We help reduce the number of errors in your production by contextualizing the huge amount of production data that we collect.    

This same traceability can be extended outside your factory, helping track the performance of your product in the field. Using this you can improve the recyclability and repairability of your products to reduce your environmental impact. You can even use this traceability to improve your product development and prevent future errors before they even happen.  

Collecting all this production data, MBrain naturally creates an information hub for your production. This makes generating reports on your production easy, allowing you to monitor in real-time the effectiveness of your production and environmental responsibility initiatives.    

Having this data hub also helps facilitate your problem solving. By pulling data from other software and devices in the factory this information hub helps your teams more effectively problem solve by making sure everyone is looking at the same sources of information for their problem solving.  

Understand your carbon footprint and take the steps to prepare for a greener future with MBrain.


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