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MTEK Ranked as a Leader in the Global MES Market

Innovative No-Code and Out-of-the-Box Functionality Sets MBrain Apart in the MES/MOM Space.

Alfta, 23 June 2024

MTEK, a pioneering force in the manufacturing execution systems (MES/MOM) market, is proud to announce its recognition as a Leader in the global MES market by ABI Research, less than three years into commercialization. This prestigious ranking highlights MTEK’s commitment to revolutionizing the discrete manufacturing sector with its groundbreaking MES software, MBrain. 

“The entire team at MTEK and I are incredibly pleased and proud for this recognition, less than three years after our first deployment. It has been a fantastic year for our company and our team. Earlier this year MTEK ranked #14 in Sweden’s Great Place to Work survey and now being recognized for our global technology and solution leadership. With a winning team and a winning product – I am very excited about the year ahead!”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO and Founder of MTEK. 
James Prestwood from ABI Research adds; “MTEK has achieved an impressive ranking at a rapid pace. Having spent time with MTEK for more than a year, what stands out, aside from a strong and innovative product and technology, is the company’s focus on value creation. As the team presents its products, they frequently talk about the customer value first, and the technology second. While their No-Code, highly capable OOTB product stands incredibly strongly in competition, I have also been impressed with their thought-through way of identifying blockers to scaling MES and how they are addressing this through a combination of technology, business model and scaling model.  I look forward to following MTEK over the years to come!”  

A Leading Technology Platform 

MBrain stands out in the MES/MOM space with its innovative no-code and out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality. This platform empowers manufacturers with the ability to rapidly adapt and optimize production processes through its comprehensive no-code capabilities, enabling drag-and-drop application design and UI customization. The solution’s OOTB functionality ensures quick deployment and integration, allowing manufacturers to achieve faster time-to-value. 

Digitizing Core Operations 

MBrain’s unique capability to digitize core operations across all key dimensions—"Man", "Machine", "Materials", "Method", and "Measure"—positions it as a trailblazer in the industry. This comprehensive digitization not only accelerates value creation from real-time shop floor support but also enhances the manufacturing data estate, facilitating advanced deployments of Artificial Intelligence solutions and shop floor quality interlocking alike. 

Strategic Value Across Key Variables 

MTEK has meticulously considered all key variables in time-to-value and scalability, offering unique value through its robust architecture, application design, business model, and deployment model. MBrain caters to the diverse needs of IT departments, system users, finance departments, and operational efficiency, ensuring that implementations are completed within a reasonable timeframe and effort. 

Support for SMEs and Enterprise-Grade Operations 

MBrain provides excellent support for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturers through flexible pricing and modular deployment options, making it accessible for specific pain points or broader operational needs. Its no-code configuration and easy integration allow for seamless expansion as production scales.  

Additionally, MBrain is well-suited for enterprise-grade operations, delivering market-competitive deployment times and comprehensive support. 

Strategic partnerships 

A key factor in MTEK’s success is its strategic partnership with e.g. Microsoft, enhancing the company’s AI capabilities and integrating MBrain with Microsoft’s data analytics and cloud solutions. This partnership augments MTEK’s go-to-market strategy e.g. through ensuring that MBrain is available on the Microsoft Marketplace, although it can also be deployed with other cloud architectures such as AWS. 

Industry Recognition and Future Growth 

MTEK’s recognition by ABI Research underscores its innovative approach and strong market presence. With an overall innovation score of 87.8, MBrain’s comprehensive functionality and rapid deployment capabilities continue to set new standards in the MES market. As MTEK deepens its partnership with Microsoft and expands its deployment base, its presence as a leader in the MES market is poised for significant growth. 

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