Closing The Manufacturing Skill Gap

MBrain's Digital Work Instructions helps close the rising employee skill gap by making up-skilling, re-skilling, and training new employees faster, easier, and less painful.


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Combatting the Manufacturing Skill Gap with Digital Work Instructions

One of the most significant issues regarding manufacturing is the predicted skill gap of the future. According to McKinsey's Breaching the great wall to scale "Of more than 1,200 executives, almost 90 percent reported believing that they will face skills gaps in the workforce over the next five years." This is partly due to an increasingly changing workforce in factories and the increase in complexity along the factory floor. It is getting more challenging to train and retain employees in the factory, and executives predict this trend will only increase. 

Training employees quicker while maintaining quality is only going to get more complicated. A long-term strategy of making it easier to train individuals coupled with intuitive features that are less complicated to execute, not more. Not addressing the problem now will lead to an underperforming factory, especially as factories move to procure more "smart software". MBrains digital work instructions provide part of the solution to how manufacturers can adapt to the dynamic workforce we see in factories today. MBrain's digital work instructions are a start to providing manufacturers with a long-term solution to the constantly changing workforce on the factory floor.

Digitize Fast!

One of the most significant issues with modern factory software is that it's overly complex and requires months to implement. Furthermore, the software is rigid and requires entire IT departments to change. MBrain's no-code software and intuitive interface fix these issues to provide one of the most flexible systems on the market. Here's Cake with their story.

"Work instructions and process steps were digitized in two weeks" - CAKE Manufacturing. 

Changing instructions is just as easy; we give you the tools to manage the process yourself through our no-code platform. This way, you can keep up with the dynamic work environment and the market.

Quicker Onboarding!

The factory workforce is constantly changing, which could lead to a skill gap in the future, as predicted by around 900 executives in a McKinsey study. One of the most extraordinary things about MBrains digital work instructions is that it enables less skilled workers to perform their job effectively at an earlier stage in their development.

 "Digital work instructions that MBrain provides have lowered our skill requirements for new operators" - CAKE Manufacturing. 

Lowering the skill requirements for new operators will position you well for the predicted skill gap in the future. MBrain's digital work instructions provide the precise information your operators need to execute with consistency. The digitized work instructions display the correct information only at the time and place when needed while also controlling for skill level through validation specifications.

Increase Existing Performance!

While reducing the skill requirement for new operators, MBrain's digital work instructions also help to reduce the number of manual errors made by your mature operators. As the skill gap increases due to increased investment in technology, the quality of the product needs to be maintained while your new operators get acquainted with the factory setting; luckily, MBrain's digital work instructions help with that too.

"MBrain's digital work instructions have also reduced the number of manual errors in our existing team" - CAKE manufacturing. 

Because of validation steps and checkpoints programmed inside MBrain's digital work instructions, you can verify the product's progress at each stage. This ensures that each step is executed correctly before the product moves on, resulting in fewer errors in both new and experienced operators.

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