Digital Transformation: A Piece of Cake

In less than 6 weeks from implementation, Cake achieved massive production improvements with MBrain. Read the full case study to learn more.


Since Cake started using MBrain a month ago, they’ve increased their first pass yield by 50%, decreased new operator training time by nearly 40%, and increased their production throughput by 20%. With some jaw-dropping numbers in such a short period of time, we at MTEK think it’s safe to say MBrain has integrated well into Cake's facility. According to McKinsey, only about 30% of companies are capturing value from Industry 4.0 solutions at scale today. How exactly was Cake able to make achieving Industry 4.0 results look like, well, a piece of cake?

Increased First Pass Yield by 50%

MBrain’s powerful Track and Trace functions have helped Cake perform root-cause analysis faster, facilitating them to identify production problems earlier and solve them quicker. In the handful of weeks since adopting MBrain, Cake has reduced the number of bikes reworked per shift by 50%. These production improvements have helped Cake maintain high-quality standards for their customers while eliminating production waste.

Decreased Operator Training Time by ~40%

Thanks to the utilization of MBrain's Digital Work Instructions, Cake’s newest employees have had a much easier time adapting to the complexity of the factory floor. Their operators have been able to be trained 38.5% faster than before acquiring MBrain. With Digital Work Instructions, they've strengthened their standard work implementation, increasing the existing team's consistency with fewer errors throughout the factory.

Increased Production Throughput by 20%

With MBrain’s End-to-End Process Control, Production Data Analysis, and Root-Cause Analysis tools, Cake has rapidly identified and addressed bottlenecks in their manufacturing process. As one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, they've been able to ramp up their production to easily meet their future growth goals without sacrificing on their ability to make custom products!

We are excited to continue working alongside Cake and look forward to seeing what else they can achieve with MBrain.

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