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A Better
To Make

MBrain is a Digital Production System, a next-generation MES/MOM, created by MTEK Industry.

At MTEK we believe that digital solutions should be no different from any other value-enhancing activity in production.

Therefore, we focus on creating tools that are designed to address production challenges, not just measure them.

Our innovation is geared towards always delivering more value - with less resources. Because we know that is what your customers ask of you, and we exist to provide our Clients not just with a more efficient and higher-yielding production but a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Welcome to MBrain. Let's Make Things Better.

This is MBrain.
Your Digital Production System.


MBrain is a new approach to traditional MES/MOM systems.

At its core, MBrain offers a way to integrate more of the core value creating and adjacent activities in discrete manufacturing, such as to create a more comprehensive digital tool to support your production.

MBrain also sets out to mirror your production set-up such as it is today. And tomorrow.

MBrain sets out to adapt to the way your products are made, your production system. This is what provides the contextualized data you are looking for and creates a digital twin that actually resembles its sibling.

This is why we call it a Digital Production System.

Why Mbrain?

"The definition of genious is taking the complex and making it simple"

- Albert Einstein


The MBrain Advantage

There are many manufacturing execution systems out there on the market. Do we really need one more?

MBrain is uniquely focused on solving the complex challenges faced by the discrete manufacturing sector - and to do so in a way that is actually accessible to the typical discrete manufacturing operation.

With the broad range of production environments, methods and logics represented in discrete manufacturing, MBrain is specifically made to be flexible and fast to adopt and adapt.

At MTEK we love the challenges faced by the combination of complex Products and Processes, complex Traceability and Quality requirments, IoT/OT convergence and Manual and Automated assembly.


MBrain caters to highly complex manufacturing processes in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, HVAC and energy storage solutions.​ ​It is the system of choice for some of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the world. Speed ​​and frequent design and process changes add to complexity in discrete manufacturing.​

MBrain keeps even pace with these manufacturing environments through its unique no-code approach and method-centric data-model. These help ensure an up-to-date reflection of your shop floor as well as a contextualized insight that helps you focus on what's important.

To make things better.

We work with leading manufacturers globally

Global Leader & 
Innovation Leader

MBrain secures a spot among the Global leaders when ABI presents analysis of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) segment.

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Download report

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MTEK’s MBrain solution offers manufacturers an MES solution that is easy to deploy and highly adaptable.

With its no-code functionality and fully OOTB solution, MBrain enables manufacturers to rapidly integrate the platform with their existing enterprise software and hardware stack, allowing them to quickly leverage the value of their MES deployment.

While the solution provides excellent support to SMB manufacturers, MTEK can also effectively deploy in enterprise-grade operations, with market competitive deployment times.

- ABI Research, 2024


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A Better way to make things

Screenshot of a dashboard in MBrain

means it's

MBrain is a a No-Code MES that caters to complex products, processes and manufacturing flows.It uses drag-and-drop functionality to deploy a wealth of out-of-the-box functions that support even the most complex manufacturing and assebly set-ups.


Key to the unparalleled time to value are the no-code Process Builder as well as the patented no-code Integration Platform. Because at MTEK we believe that any solution designed for manufacturing should be time and cost efficient, and usable with the resources at your disposal.

It is modular and and scalable to unprecedented levels.


Meet the Team behind MBrain

Everything in MBrain is interconnected

A scalable MES/MOM
requires more than technology

MBrain is built on a modern, scalable architecture. However, scalable architecture is not enough, you also need scalable application design, that still caters to complexity.

A scalable application design will bring more value in a business model where value accrues to you, and not to the vendor.

MTEK brings production know-how, a leading software solution and a partner ecosystem that is ready to support Clients globally.

This is what we call the Pillars of Scalability.
Deployable on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Modular, containerized architecture

Auto-deploy with infrastructure-as-code

Allows users to "Dream Big, start small and scale fast" 


Method-centric design

No-code interface throughout the application with integrated RPA and BPA functionality

Integrates with machines, adjacent IT-systems, people and processes to contextualize data

Leverages 3rd party apps for enhance value creation


Value Transfer

Fixed-price business model that does away with business process 'friction'

No negotiations needed to add another cell, line, machine... or whatever it might be

A business model that scales - both in application usage and cost-value dynamic, the more you use it

Scaling Model

Roadmap for scaling, starting with the highest impact aspects

Follow an 80-20 logic, our Clients can get value very quickly

We start with leveraging the No-Code method-builder to map out the flow





Technology and Implementation Partners

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